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Cedar Lodge Ceases Operations Following the Passing of Founder


Suzanne Olaski S.O.M. 1944 – 2016

You may have heard that Suzanne Olaski, founder and administrator of Community Alive and Cedar Lodge passed away in March. It's been a very difficult time for her family and the organization to say the least.

We recognize there are a lot of booked events that are going to suffer unfairly due to the nature of the situation that's followed in her absence.

A few long time friends and staff have left the organization. It would seem they couldn't imagine a way forward without Suzanne. Unfortunately, the departure of the Event Director has left the business in an unmanageable situation. The remaining staff, volunteers and family have taken up the magnitude of the workload to sort the personal and business affairs has been overwhelming and that this has meant that there has been nobody available to answer phones or emails.

Please understand our intention is to serve our community and honor our commitments, but as it is in life, we don't always get what we want. Sometimes loved ones pass away and we have to come to terms with the new reality.

We are here to receive your messages, and hopefully over the next few weeks we can catch up to the volume of communications as the initial wave of reposnibitlibes subsides. It's now very unlikely we'll be able to serve any events for 2016As of now all 2016 events are cancelled. If you have an event, please make alternative arrangements. The current reality is that the business is pending legal resolution, and therefore any refunds will have to be petitioned for from the new directors of Community Alive Inc.

Stay tuned to Cedar Lodge Saskatchewan Lakefront Hotel Facebook page or for updates. Or, email

We are heartbroken to have lost Suzanne, and that so many people have lost a leader in the community and the steward of this organization that served so well for so long. We are also devastated for the hardships that those who have events scheduled will face due to this turn in our lives and we will wish you a clear path to solve the challenges this has presented for you.

Refund Request Form

Event Cancelled - Refund Request
Put "Not sure" if you don't know. You can guess too.
Obviously we hope you'll be able to find alternative arrangements. If you can not, or don't think you'll be able to, please tell us by answering here.
Obviously you're likely upset. We're very sorry for your inconvenience. Please keep your comments civil so we can work towards a resolution as quickly as possible.

Alternative Venues

Here's a list of venues that have reached out to support the clients of Cedar Lodge.

Country Inn and Suites / Travel Lodge / Hilton Garden Inn (Accommodation Events)

Tammy 306.227.4896 (Regional director of Catering)

Greenbrier Golf and Country Club (Weddings)


Circle H Ranch (Day Events Nearby)


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