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Rated BEST Wedding Venue in Saskatchewan

Thank You Lux Events Design for Rating Cedar Lodge as your Number 1 recommendation for Wedding Venues in Saskatchewan. As stated in Lux Events Design website:  Perfect location not too far out of Saskatoon at Blackstrap Lake, only 20 minutes South of Saskatoon. Ashley & Jared’s ceremony overlooked the lake on a beautiful Saskatchewan summer day. Lux Events transformed the gathering area of Cedar Lodge … to a modern and elegant reception wedding space for Ashley & Jared’s dinner and dance.  

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Winner 2015 Canada’s Loveliest Wedding Venues

We’re pleased to be awarded the title of “One of Canada’s 30 Loveliest Wedding Venues for 2015” by The editors and photographers describe Cedar Lodge as a Wedding Venue as: The pastoral setting, lake views, and accommodating Great Room make Cedar Lodge the perfect spot for relaxed Saskatchewan weddings. The property offers a rustic feel with lots of charm and Blackstrap Lake serves as the perfect backdrop for your photos, or outdoor ceremony. Cedar Lodge offers a two-level indoor reception facility, as well as a gorgeous garden area, lakeside green space, and sheltered park, all ideal for outdoor ceremonies. The resort can also provide lodging for up to 240 overnight guests.        

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Pashminas for Sale

Did you know that Cedar Lodge offers a variety of products for sale. One of those products are Pashmina Scarves, which are a very popular item. We have a large variety some of which are shown here … call to place an order or come visit us in person to view our selection which changes continuously. Great Value $20 … We have 100% pashmina / or 65% pashmina and 35% silk / some 70-30 and some 50-50. Cashmere shawls have been manufactured in Nepal and Kashmir for thousands of years. The test for a quality Pashmina is warmth and feel. The Pashmina shawls offered at Cedar Lodge “feel” lovely and are extremely warm, so they rate high in quality, though very reasonably priced for many to enjoy. Many customers call in an order and have our Personal Shopper Doris pick an appropriate design or several to choose from and the scarves may be delivered to households in Saskatoon.  Call Doris at 306-492-4999.     Pashmina refers to a type of fine Cashmere Wool and the textiles made from it. The name comes from Pashmineh, made from Persian pashm (wool). The wool comes from “Chanthangi” or Pashmina goat, which is a special breed of goat indigenous to the high altitudes of the Himalayas.   Pashmina shawls are handspun, woven and embroidered in Kasmir and made from fine Cashmere finer. The goat sheds it’s winter coat every spring. One goat shed approximately 80-170g (3-6 ounces) of fibre. To meet the demand, the goats are n ow commercially reared in the Gobi Desert area in Inner and Outer Mongolia. The region has identical harsh weather conditions to those of the Himalayan region and is thereby apt for the goats to grow this inner wool but also has acres of grazing ground to produce Cashmere economically and commercially. During spring (the moulting season) the goats shed this inner wool, which regrows in winter. The inner wool is collected and spun to produce Cashmere. The quality of the Cashmere produced in the Gobi Desert is just as high as that produced in the Himalayas, while the costs are less. HISTORY – Pashmina Goats LADAKH The fibre is also known as Pashm or Pashmina for its use in handmade shawls of Kashmir. The woollen shawls made from wool in Kashmir find written mention in Indian texts between 3rd centre BC and the 11th century AD. However, the founder of the cashmere wool industry is traditionally held to be the 15th centre rules of Kashmir, Zayn-ul-Abidin, who  introduced weavers from Central Asia.  

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at the end of each day, glorious sunsets

Cedar Lodge – Peaceful – Calm

I have been coming to Cedar Lodge for the past seven years – usually twice a year. When I walk into the main area I start to feel my tension drain away. This is a very low key serene place. The staff are wonderful caring people who always take the time to chat and make you feel at home. The meals are absolutely fabulous!! I have been on numerous cruises and the meals here are comparable to the ones on the cruise ships. You can tell that they are cooked with love. I truly appreciate the fact that there are no TV’s or phones in the rooms – that adds to the relaxing calming atmosphere. This is definitely one of my favourite places to visit!! S. Hassler/Aromatherapy

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DSCN1087 col ref clouds lake

Renewal Retreat: Cedar Lodge is #1

Cedar Lodge provides the perfect environment for creating meaningful successful ‘people experiences’ which explains why I and so many other organizations, groups rebook again and again. It’s what happens here … the experience itself that makes Cedar Lodge so unique. REST RESTORE RENEW … It provides the perfect setting to step away from life’s hurried pace to rest, restore and renew, and when people are relaxed, well nourished and nurtured, everything seems to improve – thinking, communication, how you relate to each other, willingness to share / collaborate … the list is endless. That’s what make it the perfect setting for the annual weekend retreats I host and why it’s my first choice for venue. You can almost watch people unwinding, slowing down, relaxing. The Cedar Lodge team’s TLC is evident in so many ways, the food is fabulous and cooked with love, the presentation is amazing and the table settings are always nicely arranged. The retreaters consistently comment on feeling so comfortable and nurtured here. Cedar Lodge’s future plans include work on the lodging rooms themselves which are clean and frills free, which sometimes may surprise those accustomed to having all amenities in their room. We found we spent very little time in our actual rooms.We and other lodgers seem to migrate to the beautiful great room where the coffee/tea water is always on, and there are plenty of comfy couches to relax in,visit or chillax and look out at the lake. Very tranquil. For those who are looking for a place to provide a time out to rest, restore and renew, Cedar Lodge is it. It is my first choice for the Weekend Women’s Retreats I host annually ! S. Keyes Sask Transitions Inc.

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I was at Cedar Lodge during a school field trip for 2 nights. February 2013. The food has a huge delicious variety – the place was great for us kids to explore. The bedrooms were small but cozy. The grand dining hall is quite the place with its wheelbarrow lighting and the stage. The view is very impressive and amazing. I highly recommend this resort. Michelle Sinclair

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Thank You. Just want to say we had a wonderful Board and Staff Planning Weekend at your facility in January of 2013.   We needed to make some changes in the meeting room scenarios and your staff just made things happen!  I totally appreciate your flexibility and we look forward to a long term commitment at your facility. Everything was wonderful – food was amazing !! …and I think that our staff should connect sometime with your staff, as we would love to just come out and learn from your food decorators how to carve “lemon mice” and “love birds” from apples some day. I appreciate all that you do! We already re-booked for next year! Thank-you from the DSI Staff! Executive Director/Dance Saskatchewan Inc

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Blackstrap Lakefront Lots This 12 lot development is southwest but immediately adjacent to the 68 acres surrounding Cedar Lodge. There are 6 lots directly on the water and 6 lots rising above the lakefront lots with also magnificent views. There will be in the coming months and years significant reasons to become a part of this ‘exclusive’ subdivision, such as … A brief two minute walk to the  amenities available at Cedar Lodge. **  Superb cuisine by reservation only **  Health and Wellness Center coming soon Cedar Lodge Amenities will be Available to all in the development with Private Membership also offered which will provide specific benefits for Members only. Watch for details as new renovations, upgrades, Health and Wellness Center including pool, spa, sauna, jacuzzi, exercise room and more become available.

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Long Shadows – Cedar Lodge Feature

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