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Food Distribution Services – Hats Off !!

“Reaching Out” from Cedar Lodge has been ongoing since 1997 (and even earlier) and in 2004, our Administrator, Suzanne Claire Olaski, received the Saskatchewan Order of Merit for her team’s outstanding contribution to the community and province as a whole. The S.O.M. is the highest honour in the province and a nationally recognized prestigious award. For more than 12 years, dedicated volunteers were engaged in what we called our Food Distribution Program to individuals and families in Saskatoon and beyond who were genuinely struggling: single moms with small children and little or no income; our elderly who sometimes didn’t even realize they had no food in the house and if they did were not prepared to venture out to the store unless someone came to help them, adolescent and adult disabled individuals as well as other difficult situations where families were surviving under stress. The individuals and families we served had little or no access to city food services, may have lived in rural areas of Saskatoon, may have been bed ridden, or just too overwhelmed to make things work at home. Each of these groups required specific care and our volunteers made many sacrifices to meet their needs especially in times of crisis. The future success of Cedar Lodge empowers our continued contributions to the community as a whole … a portion of the profits are designated each month for that purpose. Your support greatly enhances the lives of many Saskatoon and area residents. Cedar Lodge Outreach gratefully appreciates your consideration of our work. When you book your events at Cedar Lodge, you will have the added comfort of knowing that you are contributing to something that is important to others, while at the same time enjoying our fabulous cuisine, our top notch service and our enthusiastic hospitality. …┬áProviding a Spirit of Excellence …

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People Helping People

Our mandate is to operate Cedar Lodge with the hope of generating sufficient profits to enable significant impact upon the community to meet a variety of needs. One of those ways is a ‘food distribution program’ and another is in our desire to provide assistance to those suffering from codependency issues, drug, alcohol, relationship, family. The future looks bright for the operation of ‘group or transitional homes’ in order to facilitate ways to help set people free from the bondage of this fast spreading dilemma. (more…)

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