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The Miracle of Cedar Lodge

Over our ten year occupation of Cedar Lodge, there has been a steady unfolding of miracle after miracle. Hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to write another book about some of them. In the meantime, this is the story of how we came to be here and we hope it will bless you to read it. I am often asked to tell this story at conventions and conferences and so we decided it was time to share it here. Written by Suzanne Olaski. This part of the journey all began in 1990, when a prophecy was spoken over me that I would be a part of  the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. I was told that I would be in charge of a location that would include one large building with two side buildings and there would be about 240 people there. That evening a few of us searched the scriptures regarding the various things that had been spoken … we noted how Ephesians 4:12 speaks of this directly … we looked for 240 but there was no such number … but what did seem to fit was 120 … in several places … not the least of which was … about 120 in the upper room at Pentecost.  Two Hundred and Forty was DOUBLE 120! And we have all heard about the double portion that is coming. During that season of my walk with the Lord, although I was deeply involved in mission work in Oakland, California … (mostly street ministry in the heart of the ghetto) … I wasn’t very sure of what such a prophecy could mean for me and so, as had proven wise in the past, I put the prophecy on the shelf and determined that whatever the Lord wanted, I would trust that He would prepare me for whatever it was that He had in mind for me. In 1994, I was visiting friends in Saskatoon. A long time acquaintance called me and happened to mention about a property out at Blackstrap Lake that was for sale. This person knew nothing of the prophecy and quite frankly, when she first mentioned it, I took no particular notice. When I hung up the phone, Keith, who is with this ministry still today, asked “what property are they talking about?” I told him and he said “It sounds like that prophecy spoken a few years back. I think perhaps we should go to look at it.” Someone else said “yes, we’re supposed to.” This then confirmed in my spirit and everyone jumped up to get ready to go. But the Lord put His hand before me and asked that we WAIT … just a little bit … so I told everyone … “OK, we ARE supposed to go, but not right now.” Since most of my friends were pretty used to the fact that the Lord had purposed to train me to specifically WAIT … that the timing was always critical … they gave me no difficulty about this … and so we all sat down to WAIT, filling in the time with a variety of occupations. About an hour and a half later, the Lord made it clear that it was time to go to see the property … now. At that time, only Lee was available to drive me.  So, off we went. Cedar Lodge had been vacant for more than 5 years and so there would be no-one on the premises to show us around, but we went ahead […]

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