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Development at Cedar Lodge

Exciting changes are about to take place at Cedar Lodge! We will be expanding our operation as early as the spring of 2011. Development plans are underway to build 6 lakefront townhomes on either side of the Lodge overlooking the lake.  Another 6 townhomes are planned for the ravine on the north east crest of the property.  18 townhomes in all to complete Phase I of the new and improved look to include a residential plan so that the many who have inquired over the years to live on this beautiful property can be realized. Corporate name to be “The Residences at Cedar Lodge.” Below is a picture of Cedar Lodge from across the lake. To the right as you look at the picture you can see some cabins.  The cabins closest to the lake are situated on the land where at least 6 townhomes will be built.  To the left of Cedar Lodge there are no structures; however, you can see a steep hill rising up to a flat area and this is where 6 townhomes will be placed, 4 facing the lake directly and 2 on the end of the crest facing north east. Currently, there are no obstacles to building where there are presently cabins. This property is grandfathered and therefore, there is no hesitation in allowing us to remove these structures and replace them with new, modern and exciting accommodations for the discerning buyer. We have shared these ideas with Town Council and they are excited about the future at Cedar Lodge. A larger view of this picture is at the bottom of this page. Below: View from Townhomes facing North East This land has an exceptional view.  At present the Navy League of Canada owns the property to the north and then the Y Camp beyond that.  Each of these properties are used in the training of the use of various watercraft including sailboats, kayaks and canoes and cause no distraction other than the beauty of these varieties of vessels sailing around the lake. Below: View from Townhomes overlooking the Ravine This beautiful rolling landscape is filled with wildlife and wonderful birds. The view is to the east and the sunrises are spectacular.  In the heat of the day, you have the south eastern view, so one can remain cool while enjoying the day. Plans include walkways throughout the ravine enhanced by the natural lay of the land … picnic tables and park benches will allow you to enjoy the area to the fullest and one can walk through the ravine to the lake itself. Below: View from Townhomes overlooking Blackstrap Lake These cabins to be removed and replaced with the most beautiful and quality crafted townhomes.  It may not look like much from this photo, but please do visit us and have someone show you around the property, walk the land itself, and you will see that this is a most excellent spot.  The townhome will be built into the side of the hill, and the bottom level of your home will have access to your own dock and boat slip. As promised, below is a larger view of the Cedar Lodge property from across the lake … CEDAR LODGE … BIGGER AND BOLDER … What spot would YOU pick? You will note that there is a row of cabins on higher land than the 3 cabins presently closest to the lake.  The higher row will be replaced with similar architecturally designed structures with some additional townhome units as well as an administration building for the Lodge itself and the developing area, a coffee shop, a small […]

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