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…    an individual experience  …

…    from “intimate to banquet style”

Meals are presented buffet style with a flair from our ‘food decorator' to make your dining a true ‘food experience

Each meal has a flair for excitement, whether it be our delicious salads, meat trays, special desserts.  Groups who stay for several days find all they can think about is what the next meal is going to ‘look like,' making one's stay extra special.

“It's not only great food, it's great looking food,” commented one of our guests.

Sample Cheese Tray (the red flowers are tomatoes, notice the ‘lime mouse')

The greatest care is taken in the preparation and display which adds to your pleasure in visiting Cedar Lodge … our continuous repeat business speaks very clearly about the attentiveness given to meals, their taste, their uniqueness in creation, their success in pleasing your taste buds.

providing a spirit of excellence

Decorated Fruit Trays


Our fruit decorator and food ‘designer' has many surprises in store for our guests.

You can book her for two hours during your retreat if you wish @$25 per hour, bring the fruit that you wish to carve (she can help you make a list of items) your own carving utensils and you will be all set to learn how to make birds from apples and pears, trees from cucumbers and broccoli and many other combinations. Ask to make an appointment with Sonia.


Swan Apple by Sonia


Having worked for many years in the food decorating business, Sonia brings to the presentations of our fruit, fruit trays, food platters a variety of interesting features.

You may place an order for your event to be held on site or you may order for pick up and/or delivery for your special event in the city.

Call for prices. Varying upon amount of creativity desired in your presentation.




Banquets are designed according to individual requirements from a selection of meals that are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Cozy seating arrangements nestled in various areas of the ‘Great Room’ provide a warm homey atmosphere …

so sit back and relax … enjoy the elegant ambience!!!


Extending from the ‘Great Room’ is a wraparound cedar deck with views of the lake, Blackstrap mountain (ski hill), miles of Saskatchewan farmlands with rolling landscapes and two local town sites (Shields and Thode).


There are plenty of windows as well as patio doors which access the deck… and the view is magnificent! The skies for which Saskatchewan is famous are continuously changing. While dining, it will appear as though you are aboard a large cruise ship, enjoying a serene holiday atmosphere. Morning, noon and nighttime too, there is a wonder of sights from the deck off the Great Room

… yours to discover.

(recommended seating capacity 250)

The ‘Great Room’ can host:

  • conferences, large or small meetings, press conferences, trade shows, seminars, weddings, family reunions, banquets, retreats – several events can be hosted simultaneously

Service is buffet style … elegantly presented …

Weddings / Receptions


Wedding ceremonies are beautifully celebrated in our ‘Great Room’ with it’s magnificent cathedral ceiling, as the Bride makes a spectacular entrance from the main balcony, overlooking her guests.

Decorating can be at the discretion of the wedding party.

Wedding Accessories:  Available at reasonable rates.

Flowering plants, arbor, stage, stage lighting, touille, wedding cake, mini-lights.  If there additional requests, please discuss with our events co-ordinator, Linda Laird, and we will make every effort to provide what you need.

Services also available:

  • Wedding Video
  • DJ
  • Photographer

These are just an example of the additional services we can provide to make your day the most memorable occasion of your life!


Desserts a la carte $6.50

  1. Peach Upside Down Cake topped with homemade peach sauce and whipped cream
  2. Chocolate Cherries Jubilee topped with whipped cream and a rich cherries and sauce mixture
  3. Make your Own Ice Cream Sundaes with a multitude of toppings
  4. Strawberry Short Cake (seasonal)
  5. Apple Crisp with Ice Cream (Lodge Style)
  6. Homemade Pies with Ice Cream (seasonal) Apple, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin, Saskatoon Berry, Blueberry,
  7. Lime Sublime
  8. Fresh Fruit Plate: beautifully crafted, served with macaroons
  9. Cream Puffs / Variety of fillings
  10. Variety of Cakes / Butter Pecan, Chocolate Fudge, French Vanilla With Ice Cream and Sauces
  11. Our famous Cedar Lodge ‘melt in your mouth’ Butter Tarts.

Continental Breakfast $ 8.50

  • variety of breads, bagels, croissants and/or muffins (self serve toast tray)
  • jams, jellies, peanut butter and honey
  • porridge with apples and raisins
  • fresh fruit plate or fruit cup
  • boiled eggs
  • cold cereals
  • coffee/teas/juice

Breakfast Suggestions $12.00

  1. Bagel and Eggs: a toasted bagel baked with an egg in the center, topped with green onions, cheddar cheese and bacon
  2. Wifesaver Casserole: combination egg, cheese, bacon and green onions, between bread slices, baked to perfection.
  3. Homemade (plain or blueberry) pancakes & sausages / with a variety of toppings, including fruit, whipped cream; homemade sauces and syrups
  4. Bacon and Eggs with Home Fries and Toast
  5. Sausage Loaf: sausage meat combined with peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms, encased in phyllo pastry and baked until golden.

All breakfasts above include cold cereal and fruit, juice, hot beverage, tea/coffee

Luncheon Suggestions $18.00

SOUPS and SUBS : Many Soup Choices: creamy mushroom w/fresh mushrooms, tomato-basil, bacon cheddar tomato, hearty vegetable, beef barley, chicken with mazzo balls, minestrone, mushroom cheddar and more: Sub buns, specialty breads, cheese buns, meat tray (turkey, roast beef, ham) pickles, cheeses, tomato/onion tray, lettuce, variety of mustards, mayo, toppings (create your own)





MAKE YOUR OWN WRAP or TACO SALAD (hard or soft tacos served with taco seasoned hamburger, dressed with salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, olives, lettuce, green and white onions and cheddar cheese)


HOMEMADE SOUP served with BRUSCHETTA and SALAD (french bread topped with spiced tomatoes, onions and cheddar, grilled till golden)

All lunches above include delicious dessert, hot and cold beverages

Dinner Suggestions $26.00

    Sample # 1


  • boneless breast of chicken marinated in a rich creamy sauce
  • 2 choices of rice, white and basmati asian rice (mild curry flavor)
  • flowered carrots
  • green beans almondine or steamed broccoli
  • Peach Upside Down Cake


Sample # 2


  • tender roast beef w/pan gravy
  • creamy mashed potatoes
  • yorkshire pudding (for groups less than 100)
  • flowered carrots
  • garden fresh peas
  • Chocolate Cherries Jubilee


Sample # 3  


  • baked ham served with raisin mustard sauce (on the side)
  • scalloped potatoes or perfectly cooked baked potatoes
  • acorn and/or butternut squash
  • garden fresh peas or green beans almondine
  • Lime Sublime


Sample # 4


  • tender roast turkey w/pan gravy
  • creamy mashed potatoes
  • homemade stuffing
  • jellied and whole cranberry sauces
  • flowered carrots
  • garden fresh peas
  • Queen Elizabeth Cake

Coffee/Tea/Cold Drinks complimentary with above meals


Includes two meat entrees, vegetables, potatoes and/or rice, homemade gravies when applicable or stuffing, yorkshire pudding with beef entree, fresh crisp salads, at least two types, fresh bread and buns, choice of desserts, variety of hot and cold beverages, and all you can eat.

Coffee Break $3.50

Coffee Plus Snack $5.50/$6.50/$7.50

  • choices: muffins/cookies/breads/nachos/chips&dips/popcorn/veggie or fruit tray

Wedding Receptions:

Facility Rental: Great Room $1500 per day.


Adults: $30.00

Child: 7-12 $15

Child: 3-6 $ 7.50

Children under 3 – no charge

Evening Lunch $15.00

Brunch $15.00 (a wonderful combination of breakfast and lunch – to be selected)

***  Group Rates Available  ***

Senior Discounts

For any additional or special needs please feel free to call our friendly Events Co-ordinator

to discuss your arrangements:

Linda Laird/Events Co-ordinator
Cedar Lodge/Hotel and Convention Center
(306) 492-4999 phone (306) 492-2328 fax

email us at

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