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Come for the peace … and tranquility, and almost immediately you will experience a relaxed and renewed vitality. You deserve it!!

Go for a refreshing swim in the indoor pool. Nature walks will take you through beautiful ravines or a visit to the beach. Enjoy the view, spend the day on the wraparound deck (just off the ‘Great Room', suspended high above the land).

Enjoy your time watching fishing boats and waterskiiers in summer… ice fishermen and snowmobilers in winter. Fall in love with the glorious sunsets and breathtaking sunrises. See why Saskatchewan's namesake is “Land of the Living Skies.”


Simple, Clean, Rustic Charm.

60-Self Contained Bedrooms:

Including bathtub, shower, washroom, closet and vanity.

Rooms can be arranged to suit a variety of situations with appropriate notice …

… additions may require an additional fee.

A standard double includes two double beds … However, we do have rooms with a Queen or a King for a slight upgrade in pricing.


King Bed View 1

King Bed View 1

This King Room is overlooking the lake.

It is cozy, warm, simple and clean.

Very inviting.

King Room View 2

King Bed View  2

As you can see from the comforter in this second view, this is the same room only looking towards the dresser. To your left would be the patio door that goes out onto the balcony facing the lake.

The room is fully engaged with the king sized bed as the rooms are not large.

As is the custom throughout the Lodge, no TV, no phones.

Complete quiet and rest is yours to be had.

A focused experience. Peaceful.


This Queen Room has more space due to a smaller than king sized bed and therefore can accommodate an additional Single Bed if needed.

Queen Room View 1


Again, with ‘Retreat Centre' in mind, the room is basic, simple, clean yet very pleasant.

To your right would be the patio door that enters onto the balcony. This room faces the lake.

Queen Room View 2


This Queen Room View 2 shows you the opposite view of the same room from the foot of the bed.

The patio door is ahead of you – warm pleasant easy moving curtains enclose you in privacy.

Each room is appointed differently, so your room may vary from this picture – bedspread, layout, furnishings etc are all unique.


Double Standard Room

Many of our standard double rooms face the lake.

There is a great variety of style, but all dated similarly to the age of the building adding to its rustic charm and cottage-like feel.

Begin to watch for renovations of rooms, layouts, amenities, carpeting beginning in the fall of 2013.

You loved us now. You will love us more !!


Should your group require changes to bedroom situations, variations can include:

  • 2 singles
  • 1 double
  • 1 double, 1 single
  • 2 doubles, 1 single
  • 3 singles
    Should your group require an overabundance of changes in room setups, there may be additional charges for that convenience.

Our congenial staff will be pleased to help you plan your special circumstances.

***  Still Very Reasonable Rates  ***


  • Single $120 (This is for one person, room may include two beds)
  • Double $135 (This is for two people, known as a double standard room)
  • Limited availability  … a king – add $20 – a queen – add $10 … per night
  • Please specify type of room when booking – depending upon availability
  • Triple/Family $150 – up to 5 guests. (This may have additional beds)
  • Pets – several Pet Friendly Rooms / add $20 per night

add 5% gst

Building Layout:

On the main level/top floor:

  • there are twelve rooms overlooking the lake, each with a patio door accessing a deck with a beautiful view.
  • a second group of twelve rooms face the parking lot each with a patio door accessing a deck, nicely accentuated with happy birds living in the cedars nearby.

On the middle/second floor:

  • there are twelve rooms overlooking the lake, each with a patio door accessing a deck with a beautiful view.
  • a second group of twelve rooms face the parking lot, with large windows and a view of shrubbery and seasonal gardens … very pleasant with the morning sun.

On the ground level/bottom floor:

  • there are twelve rooms overlooking the lake, each with a patio door accessing a patio walkout to the parking lot and lakeside.


also on the ground level/bottom floor: a meeting room, which can be converted to a dorm room for reunions, youth groups, families, accommodating 6 – 10 people

  • this same meeting room can be set up classroom style or trade show style for conferences, conventions
  • access to pool showers and washroom facilities nearby, but no facilities in this particular room, no running water

Meeting Rooms/Rentals

Each bedroom (with private bath) is approximately 220 square feet and therefore can be used as a meeting room (beds removed) or small living area if a suite is needed for extra relaxation for staff accompanying a small group.

(cost for a hotel room to be used for a small meeting room per day including set up $75)


Games Room:

$130 per day (Picture One)

Small Meeting Room

The Games Room (which is basically a meeting room overlooking the lake) can also be used as a lunch room for a small group, can be set up in classroom or seminar style, depending on the need.

Listed as ‘small' as 20 participants and under work well in this room, no matter what layout is chosen.

Theater A:

$160 per day (Picture Two)

Theatre Room A (Large Meeting Room)

The Theater Room pictured here is set up for 21 participants; however, this can be varied slightly higher and certainly much less and with fewer meeting tables.

The room is often used as a hospitality room without the board room setup and can also be used for a tv/lounge area for certain groups. Satellite present for our guests' use.

Modifications as requested and priced accordingly.

  • Theater B: 

    $160 per day (this room is often referred to as the Chapel)
    This second Large Meeting Room sits side by side to the one pictured above and is also available for similar arrangements as the rooms are identical just mirrored to one another.
    Also available:
  • Single Meeting Room: Hotel Room Conversion – $75+ per day (depending on set up)


  • ‘Great Room' … as follows

  • … small group $250 (under 25 people)
  • … large group $500 (25 to 75 people)
    … large group $750 (75+ people)
  • … weddings $1500 per day (Saturday)if Friday needed for set up an additional $500if Sunday required for gift opening up to 2 pm $250

    Several uses of Great Room / Dining Room:

    See below some of those options: 

    As a meeting room, a place to relax, a concert, dining but of course, anniversary parties, conferences, seminars to name a few.


    Weddings obviously a Cedar Lodge favorite and are designed with the bride's choices. Various patterns of layout available.

    Our Wedding Planner (on-site) can lessen your stress and make your day successful from beginning to end.









    This shows about 1/3 of the Great Room.

    The Bride chose fanned tables from Head Table.

    Following – two additional Pictures showing this same Wedding as seen from different angles of the Great Room

    Picture One from Entrance to Great Room.

    Picture Two from Balcony overlooking the Great Room

    Picture Three showing the fan-like layout of the table arrangements.



    Wedding Below – Turquoise Colors

    Round Table Seating

    Viewed from Balcony over the Great Room.

    Example of Concerts : Cowboy Junkies Summer 2012

    Cowboy Junkies Concert


    Due to the height of the cathedral ceiling in the Great Room in addition to the cedar surroundings on every side, the acoustics are known to be very favorable to choirs and bands alike.

    Adjustments for sound must be made when high powered equipment is on hand, but the end result is always excellent.


    See the You Tube recount of a small portion of that evening.


    Anniversary or Birthday Celebrations with Large Families

    Family Gathering for 120 people



    The great room lends itself easily to both large conferences and small intimate meetings. This U-shaped meeting for 24 shows there is plenty of room to retain the many cosy sitting areas with lots of room to move around. There are also dining tables set up towards the windows and overlooking the lake to the right of this arrangement.


    Meeting Set Up for 24 Great Room

    This set up includes meeting area, dining tables and comfortable seating areas collaborated to make the Great Room a multi-function utility for any occasion.


    Your Home Away from Home – Relax and Kick Back

    Sitting Area – Great Room

    The cozy seating arrangements in the Great Room provide a true getaway from home, like going to ‘your big cabin on the lake' – these seatings areas can be rearranged to suit the event and most are put away for weddings and large conferences.

    Guests love to come for an afternoon and evening, relax by the large patio windows overlooking the lake and settle in with a good book or take a nap.

    You can see that this part of the room takes in a portion of the balcony upon which there are several tables for 2 in our ‘french bistro' avenue where several remarkable paintings are displayed and are also for sale.

    See more seating arrangements below. 

    Although the style is old fashioned, it lends itself to the building which is 40 years old and was built during the time of the summer olympics of 1972.

Snuggle up/fireplace on board/and greenery

  • One of the favorite snuggly locations.The electric fireplace just gives enough warmth to make you feel right at home.Shades can be drawn on the windows when the sun gets too bright.More pictures below.


    Another seating area in Great Room

    Exclusive Use of the Entire Building – 

    $1500 per day

             Book now! Your special date may not be available if you delay.

Many bookings are secured years in advance.

You will not regret choosing Cedar Lodge, renown for its hospitality, attentive service and delicious cuisine.

You can believe our countless fans…

Great value for your investment … call today!!

… call our friendly Events Co-ordinator for your booking arrangements …

sorry, all prices subject to change

Call Linda Laird/Events Co-ordinator

Cedar Lodge/Hotel and Convention Center

(306) 492-4999 phone

(306) 492-2328 fax


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