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Over the years, so many miracles have happened at Cedar Lodge, stories of recovery, healing, reconciliation and deliverance.  Suzanne is in the process of writing her second book which is to contain just some of the encounters with freedom that visitors have had because of their journey to this very special place.  The following is a recent accounting by Elaine Cook, whose website is  Elaine has been in ministry for decades and is the absolutely one of the most precious of saints to have ever visited Cedar Lodge.  You can find this transcript at her website under her October 09 Newsletter.

From Elaine Cook’s October 09 Newsletter –  See

It is not uncommon for a person to walk all of her life under the shadow of false messages given to her from a child. After a while, she takes them to be the truth and acts accordingly. I have a dear friend who had such a problem, though I never knew the depth of it until recently.

We felt led of the Lord to visit our new-found friend, Suzanne Olaski of Cedar Lodge in Saskatchewan, Canada, a two-day drive from here. Although Bill wanted to go, at the last he didn’t feel he could sit that length of time in a car. When I looked to the Lord as to what to do, He dropped Carol’s name into my heart. She is a faithful friend from Spokane and was delighted to drive me and to spend time together. She also is a terrific driver.

On the road there and back and while we were there, she shared deeply from her heart. It took that long to be able to express what she needed to say. It was then that I realized that she walked under the shadow of the false message: “I’m not worthy to be loved.” In truth, she is lovely, kind, and deeply spiritual.

The enemy had convinced her that others were thinking she was ignorant. She became so confused and upset that she was unable to express herself clearly when she spoke.

She was so lovingly received by all at Cedar Lodge that she began to be able to speak smoothly, which greatly encouraged her.  She told me that, for the past two months, her body seemed to be shutting down. It didn’t want to receive food and she struggled to eat at every meal.

It wasn’t until we were on our way home after a delightful visit, that the Lord gave me ‘light’ on her problem. She had started giving her body the message: “I’m not worthy to live” and it responded by shutting down!

I’m pleased to report that she broke the power of that lie through prayer and took hold of her acceptance in the Beloved. A big part of her deliverance was recognizing that she had believed a lie all those years! The enemy of our soul doesn’t have to come to us in a gargoyle costume—he just needs to insinuate a thought into our minds (as he did with Eve) and if we do not recognize the origin of it, we are caught in his web of deceit! I encourage each one who reads these words, to check your thoughts which can come from any of three sources: our own mind, the mind of Christ, and the enemy’s mind.

We should know that neither we nor the Lord are going to say evil things about ourselves nor accuse our friends of doing so. (One saint said: “What other people think of you is none of your business!”)

Only the accuser of the brethren would do such a dirty deed and do it so subtly that we would believe him!

My friend has returned to life and her body is responding and her speech is smooth because she now believes the truth: she is accepted in the Beloved!

Elaine Cook challenges us by saying “Are YOU believing a lie?”

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