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Dear Suzanne and Staff

Our family would like to sincerely send our thanks and words of appreciation for your assistance with our son who is battling substance abuse.

If it was not for your loving and welcoming atmosphere that was there to take our son in when no other safe haven existed, I am sure that we would not have the hope that we have today for a recovery.

Cedar Lodge provided a loving and caring atmosphere where he could recover his strength and make decisions in regards to his life in the future. This welcoming and accepting atmosphere brings on positive changes in a life that has been without hope for some time.

We thank God every day for Cedar Lodge and its staff, who so readily accept those who are down on their luck and provide a place where the seed is planted that a different life is possible.

The constant love and attention people feel here is not duplicated anywhere I know.

Our family will continue to support Cedar Lodge whole heartedly, knowing that there are many lives you will touch and enrich on a daily basis.

Cedar Lodge is a great asset to Saskatchewan and I would encourage those who can to support this most worthy organization in its daily and future endeavours to help those who need it so desperately.

Nancy and Amcie Kushnir
Nov 16/06

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