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Our mandate is to operate Cedar Lodge with the hope of generating sufficient profits to enable significant impact upon the community to meet a variety of needs.

One of those ways is a ‘food distribution program' and another is in our desire to provide assistance to those suffering from codependency issues, drug, alcohol, relationship, family. The future looks bright for the operation of ‘group or transitional homes' in order to facilitate ways to help set people free from the bondage of this fast spreading dilemma.

Although Cedar Lodge originally housed those in treatment, this is becoming less and less a viable option as word of the excellence of service at Cedar Lodge spreads. What began as a single venture has now so expanded that the increased demand for our services in the two separate areas, (hotel/convention and treatment) is pushing us to provide two separate entities, with cottage industries emerging out of the essence of the two. Treatment will in future begin to take the form of group homes off-site, in local communities and on farms within the rural municipality. Watch for upcoming ‘news' as this transition unfolds.

Separating the two visions has finally become the right thing to do.

Our first farm located just a few kms from the Lodge itself houses anywhere from 2 to 4 men in transition. They do repairs on the house and outbuildings, care for the property, work at the Lodge from time to time and spend time with nature in a peaceful environment where reflection on one's life purpose is better able to be accomplished than in an environment bounding with activity and surrounded by city noises.

Be on the lookout also for amazing changes as the hotel takes on more and more of a destination resort focus … as our hotel management team is purposed to continue to provide excellence in all that we do with a steady growth in additional services.

Cedar Lodge is unique in the fact that everyone who serves is a volunteer. The core group of volunteers simultaneously operate a treatment facility, house of refuge and hotel/convention center. Individuals seeking to be healed were able, as their own healing progressed, to be involved in the hotel industry around them. This in turn, for those who were willing, offers opportunity to create for themselves a resume that might include housekeeping, short order cook, hotel management, receptionist, clerk, hostess etc. Some of our successful candidates have gone on from here to acquire jobs in the hotel industry, one gal obtaining a housekeeping position at none other than the Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta, one of the world's top ten hotels.

Cedar Lodge has been a model of innovation and creativity in its approach to treatment. Recognized is each person's specific needs and issues which require special attention. Each individual's treatment plan is relevant to them at the time of admission.

How do we know we have provided specialized care? Because those seeking help have travelled from as far west as Victoria and from as far east as Prince Edward Island.

How do we know we are providing service with excellence in the hotel industry? Because conventions have drawn national and international participants with representatives from more than 23 countries having visited Cedar Lodge to date. All this without advertising!

The future success of Cedar Lodge will continue to allow us to contribute to the community as a whole … a portion of the profits will be designated each month for that purpose.

When you book your events at Cedar Lodge, you will have the added comfort of knowing that you are contributing to something worthwhile

    … that's a win/win situation.

If you require more information about our revised addictions services… which are still in place – with a new format … please call us at 306-492-4999 or write to us via email at

We appreciate more than you could ever know your continued prayers, support and financial contributions.

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