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Codependency was once the catch phrase to describe responses and behaviors developed as a result of living with an alcoholic or substance abuser. However, over the years, codependency has expanded into a definition which describes a dysfunctional pattern of living and problem solving often developed during childhood through a variety of circumstances that are sometimes difficult and even painful for the individual to recall. Hence, codependency can be deemed a health disorder affecting individuals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


In the past, mental and emotional pain was the focus of healing; however, it is becoming more and more clear that without spiritual resolution of the issues at the core of the disorder there can be no healing of substance.

Recovery requires constructive boundary setting in order for the individual to discover who they are apart from their codependent relationships. Their lack of separation of ‘self' from others results in a distorted and undefined sense of their relationship to the world around them. Codependents are continuously attracted to dysfunctional partners resulting in the reconfirmation of their ‘victim' status.

Since a codependent's worth is measured by how they perceive the outside world perceiving them, it is critical they be set free from the need for approval. Individuals who have come to identify their behaviour as ‘codependent' will inevitably be required to address the results of their codependency in order to fully appreciate the patterns of dysfunction in their life. Codependency is a family affair. It is quite the norm for the whole family to be in need of a program of recovery, if for no other reason than to fully understand the identified codependent's change of lifestyle.

Most of the traits of codependency are adaptive behaviours which have simply become a ‘way of life.' ┬áThe dysfunctional adaptations initially provide relief from pain which may result from any number of events which have brought on some of the following symptoms: guilt, shame, fear, loss, powerlessness, inadequacy. However, because the codependent cycle is addictive itself, there is never any sense of accomplishment but rather a continuing downward spiral of hopelessness and fear.

Cedar Lodge Outreach is both innovative and creative with its approach to treatment. We recognize that each person has specific needs and issues that require special attention. Each individual's treatment plan is relevantly developed for them at the time of admission and continuous re-evaluation keeps the counsellors abreast of their current breakthroughs. Important to the healing process is the element of hope which the counsellors at Cedar Lodge never forefeit:

that freedom is for everyone.

A person's inability to be free often stems from a lack of foundational truths.

Individuals begin to blossom spiritually as they are surrounded by unconditional love. Our focus is to assist one another to address, embrace and overcome the pain of loss which has caused the codependent to remain empty and alone.

The benefits of reconstructive therapy far outweigh its difficulties. The ability to forgive is developed within the individual in order to explore feelings which may have been covered up for years.

Once these surface, within the safety net of our environment, the inexpressed feelings can be acknowledged, experienced and finally ‘let go.'

Freedom is realized when no institution, group, person or thing has power over one's life; the power to live must be developed from within.  Cedar Lodge Outreach provides intensive and creative therapy which assists individuals who have been crippled by codependency to grow up into the life which was theirs from the beginning but somehow got lost along the way.

Since codependency is in essence the root issue of every addictive behaviour, our treatment facility, the only one of its kind in the Province of Saskatchewan, is equipped to fully comprehend all manner of disorders. Our counsellors are dedicated individuals who are committed to going the extra mile in order to bring independence to all those who walk through our doors.

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