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Renewal Retreat: Cedar Lodge is #1

Cedar Lodge provides the perfect environment for creating meaningful successful ‘people experiences' which explains why I and so many other organizations, groups rebook again and again.

It's what happens here … the experience itself that makes Cedar Lodge so unique.


It provides the perfect setting to step away from life's hurried pace to rest, restore and renew, and when people are relaxed, well nourished and nurtured, everything seems to improve – thinking, communication, how you relate to each other, willingness to share / collaborate … the list is endless.

That's what make it the perfect setting for the annual weekend retreats I host and why it's my first choice for venue.

You can almost watch people unwinding, slowing down, relaxing.

The Cedar Lodge team's TLC is evident in so many ways, the food is fabulous and cooked with love, the presentation is amazing and the table settings are always nicely arranged.

The retreaters consistently comment on feeling so comfortable and nurtured here.

Cedar Lodge's future plans include work on the lodging rooms themselves which are clean and frills free, which sometimes may surprise those accustomed to having all amenities in their room. We found we spent very little time in our actual rooms.We and other lodgers seem to migrate to the beautiful great room where the coffee/tea water is always on, and there are plenty of comfy couches to relax in,visit or chillax and look out at the lake.

Very tranquil.

For those who are looking for a place to provide a time out to rest, restore and renew, Cedar Lodge is it.

It is my first choice for the Weekend Women's Retreats I host annually !

S. Keyes

Sask Transitions Inc.

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