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Cedar lodge is the perfect destination for Saskatchewan weddings, and receptions.

The tranquil setting and accommodating Great Room with astonishing views of Blackstrap Lake and beautiful landscapes make Cedar Lodge, at Blackstrap Lake suitable for up to 250 guests – the setting both elegant and warm.

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A Unique Saskatchewan wedding experience …

There are few destinations for Saskatchewan weddings that offer amenities to compare with Cedar Lodge.

Pictured above is a more formal wedding atmosphere, but casual receptions are also in order … it's YOUR day … YOU choose.

Amenities include various flowering plants and foliage which can be moved around the room to suit your needs for a small fee ($100), a room width balcony above the dining room for a splendid entrance by the bridal party, as well as a wrap around deck overlooking Blackstrap Lake, suitable depending on the weather for the receiving line and/or casual seating before and after the ceremonies.

formal wedding – from balcony

Add your own decorating ...

Add your own decorating …

You may be considering a wedding planner; however, we have expert opinions and advice to assist you with your most special day.  We can offer you the time and consideration to attend to all of the minor details likely saving you some of the cost since we are already on site, (time saved in driving to and from the facility a number of times) but if you have a special wedding planner in mind, we have no problem working with them also.  A small charge will accompany working with the planner due to the extra time involved. We have been catering to some of the finest weddings for miles around since 1997; same staff, same hospitality, same service … serving always ‘with a spirit of excellence' … our desire is to leave no stone unturned to provide you with all that is needed for a memory that will happily last a lifetime.


is a fabulous place (weather permitting) for the bride and groom's receiving line. Absolutely beautiful!

wraparound deck

wraparound deck

Come in the day before to more specifically set up seating arrangements, table settings, entrances, welcome desk, gift area and any other ideas that you may have.

Below a casual reception … varied seating arrangement.

casual and down-home style wedding

Outdoors for Perfect Summer Saskatchewan Weddings

If you are wanting to have your ceremony outside, there are a number of things to be considered. Obviously, the first will be the weather. The day may be perfect for your setting; however, if it is not, you will need to be prepared to move everyone indoors. In that case, preparations must be made in this eventuality. This will involve the normal cost for set up with the ability to move from outdoors to inside in case of a sudden change in the weather. Often the day is perfect and unusual winds will blow in from out of nowhere or it may suddenly become rainy. Below are a couple of examples of outdoor weddings one a little more casual than the next, both showing the lake in the background. This bluff is situated just east of Cedar Lodge and situated high above the lake – this is the most often chosen spot; however there is a lovely park as you approach Cedar Lodge by car and which is a perfect ‘picture taking spot,' more sheltered and shaded, which can also double as a most pleasant backdrop for your outdoor Saskatchewan wedding.

Casual Wedding on Bluff over Blackstrap Lake

Casual Wedding on Bluff over Blackstrap Lake

Make Your Own Outdoor Venue / The Sky's the Limit

Here the groom hand built a framework for the ceremony, very unique … a setting with doors for his bride to enter before coming down the aisle and then another framework to look out onto the lake. On a perfect day in October, with not a cloud in the sky, the ceremony was gorgeous!

Doorway to a Life Together

Doorway to a Life Together

Inside the bride's wishes were honored with Flowers by Fred who did a remarkable job of ‘big' and ‘splashy' with items of the brides choosing. The setting was magical and the flamboyant decor spectacular.

big .. fun .. splashy .. flamboyant .. spectacular

big .. fun .. splashy .. flamboyant .. spectacular

Sheltered Park Area

Park Setting for an Outdoor Wedding at Cedar Lodge

Park Setting for an Outdoor Wedding at Cedar Lodge


Summer Gardens enhance your wedding surroundings …

at Cedar Lodge

flowers lodge summer

Wild Flowers and Country Foliage Abound in and around Cedar Lodge as well as during  Nature Walks, with views that inspire the soul.

Perfectly Natural Blend / Butterfly and Thistle

Every detail needed to make your Saskatchewan wedding day perfect is attended to by our conscientious events co-ordinator. Our staff is generous with their time and expertise making your day easy and comfortable. A large variety of indoor plants can be made available for additional ambience to suit your style.

A small charge for moving and rearranging; however, no charge for the plants themselves.

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