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As far as me…I am doing well…I past 6 months and actually I HAVE 7 MONTHS today – wow how time flies hey???


I feel great and very blessed and happy that I am clean and living life today! I go to meetings and have a support system and use the sites when I can. I would not trade what I have today to go use, NO WAY…I think of where I was and where I was at physically, mentally and emotionally and I NEVER WANT TO RETURN THERE AGAIN!!!

I think of how hard I have worked to get where I am today and how hard I worked to get what I have in my life today and the work still yet ahead, I am CLEAN and that is the only way for me to go, the way I choose to go, No scum in my life in any way shape or form, that alone was enough work and still can be on a daily basis…It is not easy changing a life around, it is also not impossible!!! THERE IS HOPE!!! THANKS for letting me share!

Thanks for being there – truly! Bless your hearts and souls!
Love from J

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